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How to restore brake master cylinder reservoirs

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:17 am
by Taterhead
I can't take credit for this as I directly stole it from GERMS thread on the Ratsun for you guys that don't go there. I haven't tried it either but the picture looks pretty convincing.

Whitening Master Cylinder Reservoirs Instructions:

1. Rinse with water inside and out, scrub using a small plastic brush using dish washer detergent and or hand cleaner (anything that devolves oils). Rinse and dry.

2. Go to Sally's Beauty Supply or any hair salon supply store and buy a bottle of Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer. Or order it online,

3. With a small paint brush, cover the Salon Care cream over the the reservoir inside and out thoroughly. Use latex gloves or else your skin will get lightly irritated. (I didn't use gloves but was very careful and only smeared a little on my fingers)

4. Place the reservoir in an air tight zip bag.

5. Leave the reservoir in the bag outside in the sun all day. In the evening, rinse the cream with water and repeat the process several times. I did it two or three times to get the results shown in the picture.

6. You can also buy a UV light and place it under that.

That's it.