VG30 300zx/D21 transmission 5 speed.

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VG30 300zx/D21 transmission 5 speed.


Post by HRH » Tue Jun 13, 2017 4:39 pm

So I have a $900 5 speed paperweight in my basement that was meant for the autocross truck. It's been stored for 4 years now. The gearbox is an '88ish 300zx and the tailshaft is 2wd D21 so it would fit perfectly in a 2wd hardbody. It will also fit in a ton of Datsuns with all sorts of V motors. Anyway, never been installed, just assembled and kept inside (dry basement). I'll take a loss just to free up space and honeymoon or race car money. $700 takes it. Rebuilt by Chuck's Gear. Spoiler: I cannot find the receipt in my filing cabinet, but I assure you it has all new bearings. If anything were to be not kosher, I'd buy it back. Had I installed and run it, I'd know 100%, but I have had rebuilt transmissions make noise before, so I can't guarantee it's perfect until it actually gets put through the paces. Most of you know I wouldn't screw a fellow Datsun owner, but there you go! I don't know the particulars of what year gear ratios it has. I doubt it's the super rare 88-89, probably just the regular 87-88. Still should work great in a VG or VQ setup.

Send me a pm if interested.


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Re: VG30 300zx/D21 transmission 5 speed.


Post by Ni10 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:24 am

I remember back in the days of early Ratsun,, members could bump for sale ad's thread's like their were no tomorrow. :fyea:

but as we all know, a good thing never last for ever..... :(

welll this isN'T RATSUN so BUMPING the mudder phucing thread. :fyea:

and to finish this off - GLWS



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