HRH garage sale

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HRH garage sale


Post by HRH » Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:31 am

Ok, it's that time. I have horded away stuff for a long time and I need to clear out some room. I'm not putting an ad on craigslist because I don't want to deal with skeevy people rolling by the house. Trying to get enough room to fit the new motor for the wagon and have more room to work. That said, I have the following:

1. Bare L26 block and L26 head (separated), factory cam and squirt bar, have not miced, don't know if straight, out of pull and save car.
2. L24 bottom end, complete, from Ugly Betty.
3. L16 mostly complete, leaky, worn out original from 521.
4. Naps Z24 head, EFI
5. L20B head, I think peanut chamber but completely bare, just the alum.
6. Standard bore SR20 piston set with rods.
7. 280zx turbo three speed automatic - worked in the car when I pulled it.
8. Maxima 4 speed automatic (3 spd with OD) - worked in the car when I pulled it.
9. KAZ24 from the hardbody, ran well, 50k miles, just sucked oil. Has colt cam stage II regrind in it. Rings were probably off, suspect bore was .030" when was supposed to be .020" or rings didn't seal. Z24 block adapted for KA24E head and timing cover. L series dual row chain. Custom oil pan for 4wd D21. - $250
10. Piston set .030 from KA24E 240sx application. (Floating pins). - new - $100
11. VQ30DE - good core, supposedly. We can yank out and play with. - $100
12. VG30 transmission. 300zx front half, D21 2wd case on rear, good for 2wd hardbody application or whatever else you want to stick it into. - $700, rebuilt, never used. Stored in the basement 4 years ago. (I paid 900 for the rebuild)
13. Random other stuff I've forgotten.

Short of it is, all this stuff will be going to scrap if no one picks it up, besides the expensive pieces. Blocks and heads, I'm thinking 25-50 bucks. The other stuff I actually want money for has prices behind it. And by that, I mean it's going in the scrap trailer to sit until next weekend when I take a run to scrap. So nothing will be stored inside anymore. If you want something badly, let me know, I'll set it aside. 2 week time limit. Just get ahold of me through pm or fb or text me.

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